Introducing The 2018 Mentally Tough Tennis Coach Partner Program...

The ultimate coach support if you would like to i.) provide the highest quality tennis parenting guidance for parents of the children you coach, ii.) better support your players’ mental toughness development, and/or iii.) increase your programs revenue with very little requirements on your time...

Program Benefits

Coach Resources

  • Free Player MTM Course Access
  • Free Coach 5 'A' Mental Toughness Laws Workshop
  • Parent Communications

Parent Support

  • Free Tennis Parenting Resources
  • Free Parent Workshops
  • 5-Session Parenting Mental Toughness Mastery Class Access for Child
  • Player Mental Toughness Mastery Program

Player Support

  • Free Player Resources
  • Player Mental Toughness Mastery Program
  • Optional Coach Support

Business Revenue

  • 50% of Player MTM Program and Parenting MTM Class Revenue
  • 50% Of MTT Camp Revenue
  • 10% of Parent/Player Personal Consulting Fees

"Becoming a Partner Member was an easy decision for our business. High quality parent and player education...Coach resources to support player learning...And less than 1 hour’s administration to increase our income by $1300."

Kane Dewhurst
Vida Tennis Director

"By becoming a Partner member we were able to provide an incredible service that many of our parents had been craving while also bringing in $1400 to our program by sending 3 simple emails....And our client feedback has been fantastic"

Marc Svenson
Lifetime Tennis Director

"Anthony was a warrior in the true sense of the word and he absolutely got the most out of his ability. If he wants to share his secrets on mental toughness you better be part of it because he knows exactly what he's talking about."

Peter Smith
5 Time NCAA Championship Winning USC Coach